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Do you know Nylon cambrelle?

Source: | Updated: Sep 21, 2017

What is the nylon cambrelle ?

Nylon Cambrelle Is a superior non-woven synthetic fabric used primarily as a lining for shoes, boots and slippers. The development of Cambrelle's technology is complex. Patented fibers, Cambrelle are specially designed by combining two types of nylon co-rotating processes.


Production usage

1. Home textile:household sofa mattress cloth,bedding,cloth,apron,ect.


2. Industrial products: filter materials, geotextile, car inner decoration cloth, wire and cable.


3.Hotel Hygiene Products:face towel, slippers, sanitary bags,bed sheets, table cloths, pillowcases and other disposable nonwoven products.


4. Insulation Products:mainly used for protection,isolation such as cleaning,paint used,there are hospitals with a surgical gown, mask, the gown.


Health and Quarantine:mainly used in health,clean room use, such as labs and hospitals.


5.shoes lining ,outdoor products and so on .

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