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Environmentally friendly non-woven bags
Jun 20, 2017

The use of plastic bags, because the cost is very low, the use of very aspects, so everywhere they can see their shadow, and everywhere where the phenomenon of discarded, leading to environmental and soil pollution, to know the plastic bag in the soil, nearly a hundred years Will not be degraded, so the state and the environmental protection department attaches great importance to cure.Nonless bags appear, is to replace the plastic bags of products, long-term use, the pollution of the environment is very low. According to color and pattern, etc., in the market In the purchase of their beloved non-woven bags, whether it is shopping or take to the streets, it is practical and appreciate the value of coexistence of a product. The biggest advantage is that you can make full use of numerous. Telescopic door company to tell you that the protection of the environment We should start from our own, refused to use plastic bags, the use of this can be reused, environmentally friendly non-woven bags. Possible purchase costs will be higher, but if long-term considerations, the use of many times, each time the funds On average, very low.

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