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How to identify the authenticity of non-woven bags
Jun 20, 2017

Consumers in the use of non-woven bags when the need for its authenticity have a certain judgment.Non-woven bag manufacturers experts tell you that there are some bad businesses to use other materials instead of non-woven fabrics, resulting in the production of the bag There is a certain degree of pollution and toxicity. Such products will have a lot of impact on the health of the user.Then how can we judge the authenticity of non-woven bags? We can directly shake the non-woven bags, if A crisp sound shows that it is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, and if the sound is boring, there may be a problem. We can also place the non-woven bag in the water and press it down to the bottom of the water. Environmental non-woven bags, its proportion is smaller than the water, so it will surfaced, while the toxic and environmentally friendly products will sink. Stainless steel chain plate manufacturers experts advise, in order to further ensure the safety of non-woven bags, Consumers need to choose a regular manufacturer of non-woven bags at the same time in the acceptance of attention when the test report.

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