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Non-woven bags exist shortcomings

Source:Non-woven bags exist shortcomings | Updated: Jun 20, 2017

Every day when buying things, we need to help with non-woven bags.We enjoy the advantages of it at the same time, we can not ignore the things that are shortcomings and shortcomings. Details for everyone to look at, hope to be effective To help everyone. Compared with the different textile fabrics, its durability and strength is relatively low.Use of the total can not avoid pollution associated with the left and right, if not timely cleaning, will result in aesthetic sense and appreciation of the value of decline, but no The difficulty of cleaning the fabric bag is still relatively large, unlike the fabric is easy to clean. Long-term reuse, production developed the purpose is to protect the maximum degree of protection of the environment, and not like plastic bags, to the environment caused serious Pollution. In fact, the use of balancer manufacturers of non-woven bags, the advantage is far greater than their own drawbacks, so will be popular use. According to their own preferences, choose the right size of the size of non-woven bags.

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