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types of non woven bags
Aug 24, 2017

types of non woven bags

types of non woven bagsA lot of consumers on the non-woven fabric material is not very understanding, so to the non-woven bag manufacturers advice, in order to help consumers better understand the non-woven belt, we will tell you about its material. The fabric is also called nonwovens, it is a directional or random fiber composition, is a more environmentally friendly materials. In fact, it is not a cloth, but because the non-woven fabrics and cloth has the same appearance, but also a lot Similar to the characteristics of the so-called cloth. It can use pp material) after high temperature melting, spinning, shop, hot pressing and other production process for production, this material has a low cost, can be recycled, no poison, The characteristics of many consumers by the favor.Not only can be made into a non-woven fabric with the role of publicity, can also be used to produce surgical clothing, cloth lining, tablecloths and many other products, so its use is very wide. Freezer manufacturers of experts believe that the use of non-woven belt is very environmentally friendly.

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