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What is Nonwoven T-shirt bag

Source: | Updated: Sep 25, 2017

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1. Material: 100%Polypropylene non woven fabric

2. Color: Any colors(can be customized)

3. Size/Handle size: Customized

4. LOGO: Can be customized

5. Packing: packed by woven bag, 4000-5000pcs/bag


Nonwoven T-shirt bag is made by hot-pressing one-time molding, which is with a short technological process with high output, low cost, fast variety changes, raw material sources, etc.


And It is a kind of green product, environmental, aesthetically pleasing, price is low, is the best product to shopping and corporate image advertising.


Nonwoven T-shirt bags can use for shopping in the supermarket/store/grocery and so on. It's also widely applied to promotion, wrap gifts or advertisements.


Anyway, Nonwoven T shirt bags are Convenient, easy-to-handle bags, You can use it on any occation.

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