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What more questions about baby diapers?
Dec 13, 2017

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Q1:What need to pay attention to before wear a diaper for baby?

Wash your hands with soap and water before changing your diaper to avoid bacterial contamination of your diaper.

Q2:What should pay attention to before and after changing diaper?

Before changing the diaper or after defecation, clean the baby's buttocks with a mild soap and warm water and dry it.

Q3:Diapers absorbent ability to give babies high quality sleep?

The data show that the use of high-quality disposable diapers with strong water absorption capacity and low rewet provides an environment for babies to dry their hips so that infants do not always feel wet and uncomfortable, thereby reducing the risk of urination the number of awakenings. sleep time more long than the use of traditional diapers, babies, helps to sleep more sweet baby.

Q4:Diaper dermatitis after diaper use?

Children with diaper dermatitis, which is a special type of contact dermatitis, the main reason is due to improper use of diapers. In the care of the first choice should be better quality, better breathability, and will not reverse osmosis diapers; and to be replaced frequently, especially not to let the baby's buttocks soaked in the stool, to keep the local dry.

Q5:After the children use diapers scrunched on the red scar?

Baby diapers do not get too tight, easily lead to skin inflammation.

Q6:What should I pay attention to when baby defecate?

After each defecation, the baby wipes the buttocks with a baby-only wet wipe for baby and then applies the diaper cream to the new diaper.

Q7:How often change the diaper?

Neonatal bladder is not fully developed, can not be stored in the body for a long time, so the number of diapers will be more. Generally need to be changed every half an hour or four times a day are normal. The beginning can be replaced 6 to 7 times a day, with the baby grew up and gradually changed to 4 times a day.

Q8:Under what circumstances diaper rash?

Diapers for the one-time health supplies, do not overtime use, to prevent leakage or diaper rash, please change clean diapers, keep the skin dry and clean.

Q9:What need to pay attention when chage baby diaper?

Avoid contact with skin or with talcum powder, baby oil.

Q10:If found allergic phenomenon how to do?

Use diapers, if you find the baby skin allergies, please stop using it allergic.

Or, alternating with cloth diapers for some time, maybe the baby will soon adapt.

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