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What's The Usages Of Non Woven Cooler Bag - Zoey
Dec 19, 2017

What's The Usages Of Non Woven Cooler Bag? 

Non woven cooler bag, It is also known as passive refrigerator, It is a kind of high

effect of heat insulation and constant temperature package (with the warm in winter 

and cool in summer), cold insulation, heat preservation, more fresh, made of high-

quality materials, convenient to carry, suitable for travel, and holiday to driving for an 

outing at the picnic, for family use, product lining for the pearl cotton combined with 

aluminum foil reflective thermal insulation layer, to provide good thermal insulation

effect, from now on you can carry in the car, outdoor iced drinks, cold drinks, etc., 

you don't have to put up with a warm drink!

non woven cooler bag.jpg

And what's the usages of non woven cooler bag?

Keep Fresh: It can retain breast milk fresh, Let the babies to drink fresh milk

Keep Cool: Powerful function of keeping cool, Keep cool time for so long time, you can 

put inice packs auxiliary, the effect is much better

Keep Warm: It is expensive and not healthy to eat outside, bring their own food to eat

becomefashion choices among workers and students, The bags can keep your food 

warm anywhere for a long time

Keeps Medications: Preserve food grade environmental protection for medications, 

You can safely store medicines

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