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Why hydrophilic non woven fabric is popular in medical field?

Source: | Updated: Jan 04, 2018

Why hydrophilic non woven fabric is popular in medical field?


Hydrophilic nonwoven fabric is the opposite of hydrophobic nonwoven fabric. We add the hydrophilic agent in nonwoven fabric production process, or add the hydrophilic agent in fiber production process,and then make into hydrophilic non woven fabric


Hydrophilic non woven fabric are used to manufacture Hydrophilic products which are used for variegated purpose. This compound fiber causes no stimulation or allergy to human body. It is a perfect material fabric for making sanitary napkin for women and children. Some features of this fabric is: soft, fluffy, hydrophilic, well-proportioned, smooth, sanitary and non-irritant. 

hydrophilic pp non woven fabric


Hydrophilic medical non-woven fabric product as the disposable medical products , which not only convenient use, safety and health, also can prevent bacterial infection and iatrogenic cross-infection effectively .

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