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Environmental Protection OL Essential Environmental Protection Bags Set Off A Wave Of Global Environmental Protection Bags
Jun 20, 2017

Environmental Protection OL Essential Environmental Protection 

Bags Set Off A Wave Of Global Environmental Protection Bags


Global hot bags, environmental protection OL essential. Keira Knightley, Lily Cole, Alicia Silverstone and other stars have quickly become their loyal supporters since the canvas bag called "Im no a plastic bag" was used as the gift box of the Vanity Fair Oscar Party. The implementation of the "limit bag order" is to make this pp spunbonded nonwoven bag in the global mad sell, as elegant fashion OL, it is not so missed for our country and even the global environment to contribute to the opportunity, and make the stars Crazy pet bags.

There are stars vertical stripes with black suit pants, a rare OL dress did not expect so appropriate, coupled with a white on the very fashionable, but also highlights her environmental awareness. Because the green bag itself is white, so with a simple white or black clothes, can easily interpret the intellectual temperament, and this is precisely the most suitable for the OL style. A lovely Im not a plastic bag single photo, has been popular in the world style, we pursue fashionable and environmentally friendly OL how can not start a?


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