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Full 20 Feet Container PET Nonwoven Fabric To Korea

Quanzhou Golden Nonwoven Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 20, 2017

Quanzhou Golden Nonwoven Co.,Ltd delivery  20feet  container PET nonwoven fabric to Korea. Customer use it for wall paper.

PET Nonwoven Fabric.jpg

PET Nonwoven Fabric composed of 100% polyester filament, features properties of strength and high density. Utilizing these advantages, Polyester Non-woven Fabric is the ideal material for a wide range of uses, including filter materials in industrial applications. In the civil engineering sector it is used to strengthen embankments. Polyester Non-woven Fabric is also used in agricultural materials, such as anti-weed sheets, in construction materials, including roof linings and house wraps, and in household products including wrapping bags and packaging materials. We also manufacture and promote a non-woven fabric composed of PLA resin, environment-friendly plant-derived material.

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