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Good Quality Nonwoven Fabric VS Bad Quality Nonwoven Fabric
Sep 14, 2017

Good Quality Nonwoven Fabric VS Bad Quality Nonwoven Fabric

As we know, Every buyers would like to buy good quality products, no matter what kinds 

of products. Today we are talking about the good and bad quality pp nonwoven fabric 

and how to distinguish good and bad from them. Pls see the below picture.

good quality pp nonwoven fabric.png

From above picture, we can see our pp nonwoven fabric is clothy appearance

with plumpy. performance rich color, it means that we use 100% polypropylene raw

material to produce fabric. And It's also different  in the tearing strength, good quality pp

nonwoven fabric have super strong tansion and not esay to  tear up, bad quality is the 

opposite of good quality, so when we choose the non woven fabric, we can try to tear it, 

hard to tear up one is the good quaity. But one thing we have to note is that: thin gsm is 

easier to be tear up than thicker one.

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