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How To Identify Non-woven Bags Of Good Or Bad
Jun 20, 2017
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How to identify non-woven bags of good or bad

Now the polypropylene non-woven bags are getting deeper into people's daily lives, and now non-woven bags are no longer a single form, but varied, not only can be used as a bag to buy food, but also a lot Fashion elements, more and more trendy, but now the community also appeared a lot of fake and shoddy products, and sometimes the fake things even more than really, then how people want to identify non-woven bags of good or bad.

First of all, we can use water detection, the non-green bags placed in the water, and according to the bottom of the water, non-toxic non-environmentally friendly bags of small proportion, you can float out, so that we can come here for a brief introduction to several methods. Water, but the toxic bags will sink.

Other balancer equipment manufacturers in this also said that people can use the fire detection method, the nonwoven bag factory burning, under normal circumstances, non-toxic Spinning bag flames or blue, the top of some yellow, and like a candle like tears dripping, smoke less, and toxic non-woven bags is not easy to burn, and there are irritating odor of hydrochloric acid and so on.

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