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Non-woven Bags How To Give Customers To Pay Attention To What Matters?
Jun 20, 2017


Do non-woven bags industry friends, it is estimated that the price of pp non woven bags is how. But usually in the offer is not comprehensive. Do not know how to give customers quotes, pay attention to what the details of the problem. The following by the non-woven bag manufacturers to point out some of the details of the problem, I hope to help you.

According to customer requirements, specifications, non-woven weight and color, the first good material price. And then in accordance with the requirements of customers for a good non-woven bag printing (silk screen, machine India, thermal transfer, etc.) price, plus the manual fee. Plus a reasonable profit. 

Generally the customer to provide product requirements such as: weight, whether the film, pattern design, size production process, and then according to the company's actual accounting costs + reasonable profit is the offer, the general regular customers will provide a unified standard quotation, fill out After the fax or mail to the customer.

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