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On The Non-woven Bags Are Not Environmentally Friendly Controversy

Quanzhou Golden Nonwoven Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 20, 2017

On The Non-woven Bags Are Not 

Environmentally Friendly Controversy

Many people think that pp spun-bonded non woven bag are not environmentally friendly, but only a form of it. In the end non-woven bags is to do the real environmental protection of this problem, really attracted everyone's controversy, we take a look at the following debate.

At present, many places with non-woven bags instead of plastic bags, some people think that this environmentally friendly. 

In fact, environmental experts have long pointed out that many non-woven bags is nothing more than a face for a plastic bag only. 

To determine whether the environmental protection bags, mainly to see the material is not biodegradable. 

But most non-woven bags are made of polypropylene, made of polyester, are non-degradable fiber, such a non-woven bag is not environmentally friendly. 

It can be seen, the popularity of environmental protection knowledge is still not enough to improve environmental awareness, but also from the growth of environmental knowledge began.

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