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What is Hydrophilic Fabric
Aug 22, 2017

What is Hydrophilic Nonwoven Fabric?

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Non Woven Fabric are mostly not hydrophilic or directly repellent. In order to make non-woven fabrics to achieve the function of the hydrophilic, A hydrophilc agent will be added to the non-woven manufacturing process. or added on the fiber in the process of fiber production, So it is called hydrophilic nonwoven fabric.

What the Applications of Hydrophilic Nonwoven Fabric?

1.   For Baby Diaper: Good Permeability Strong Absorptive Strong Capacity & Maintenace Ability

2.     For Lady Sanitary: Fast Suction of Blood High Absorption Capacity Good Gel Strength

3.     For Wet Wipe: Super Water Ansorption With Excellent Tension Used For Wet Wipe

4.     For Pet Pad: Soft Material, Competitive Price With Good Quailty

5.     For Hygiene Products: Hydrophilic SS Nonwoven Fabric Non-toxic, Sterile, Perfect Used for Hygiene Products

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Hydrophilic Nonwoven Fabric for Baby Diaper

Hydrophilic Nonwoven Fabric for Baby Diaper.jpg

Top sheet: Hydrophilic SS Nonwoven Fabric19-23gsm

Elastic waist: Hydrophobic SSS Nonwoven Fabric 15-18gsm

Back sheet: Hydrophilic SS Nonwoven Fabric 13-18gsm

Leg cuff/Leak guard: Hydrophobic SMS Nonwoven Fabric 13-18gsm

The above fabrics makes up different parts of diaper. They are all our products

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